Meet Tim Goetz

Hey there my name is Tim Goetz! I grew up in Northern Virginia area graduating from George Mason High School in 2010, and attended Methodist University and Bridgewater College where I played collegiate tennis but through a multitude of injuries my time playing was cut short. That is a driving reason why I emphasize mental awareness, overall functionality and understanding one’s body as best as possible. I believe in sustainability of oneself to keep a well rounded life.

Coaching life was kind of chosen for me, but I became a Personal trainer officially in 2012 with National Academy of Sports Medicine. I love continual education and I have focused on fitness and wellness I have accumulated 5 Specializations (Mixed Martial Arts, Women’s Fitness, Youth Fitness, Group Fitness, Performance Enhancement) and others certifications such as Mental toughness, Life Coaching, and Nutrition for Sports and Exercise. I am continually learning in every phase of my life to continue to set the bar high.

I have also been coaching tennis since I was 17, from kids as young as 3 all the way into their 90’s as well as a Special Olympics Champion in 2014. I am certified on every level from Quickstart (10&Under), CardioTennis, as well as Tennis Professional. Also, I have been very blessed to go to California where I completed the High Performance Program for United States Tennis Association. Only 45 coaches ANNUALLY get selected out of the entire country and currently I am one of the youngest certified members.

My strong belief is to try and breed is a POSITIVE, upbeat environment. Mentorship and mindset have become increasingly important to me because it can change your life if you change the way you think. Working with members, coaching and educating them is something I take seriously because it’s changing lives literally one step at a time. Hope you know a little more about me, come out and take my class, and introduce yourself!

Specialist Areas

  • Women's Fitness
  • Mixed Martial Arts Conidtioning


  • Certified Personal Trainer

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @no_mind_bewater