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By keeping our prices low we can help more people get and stay healthy.
Our monthly memberships all come with no commitment, with the freedom to leave whenever you want to.

Memberships below are based on full-price terms, to see our current offers visit your local gym page!


from $9.99 per month + joining fee and AMF*

✓ Access limited to off peak hours** - Enjoy a lower price if you train at quieter times

✓ No Commitment - Cancel your membership whenever you want

✓ 70+ pieces of cardio equipment

✓ 80+ pieces of strength equipment

✓ Turf Training Freestyle area

✓ Access to 100+ Digital classes every week

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from $21.99 per month + joining fee and AMF*

... in addition to OFF PEAK membership:

✓ Unrestricted access - Workout whenever we're open with unrestricted access

✓ Book classes - Book your favorite activities up to 8 days in advance

✓ Full facilities - Enjoy more than 180 pieces of equipment and modern facilities

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from $29.99 per month + joining fee and AMF*

... in addition to CORE membership:

✓ Multi-Gym Access - Get access to multiple gyms (depending on which home gym you select).

✓ Bring a guest - Free gym visits for a guest, up to as many as 4 times per month.

✓ Instructor-led classes - 80+ classes each week.

✓ Freeze for free - Freeze your membership for up to 3 months for no additional cost.

✓ Body composition - Understand your body better, with body composition analysis by Boditrax.®

✓ Unlimited sports water - Stay hydrated with unlimited refills from our Yanga drinks machines.

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*Joining fee varies per gym and membership option selected. Choose a gym to find out more. In addition to the joining fee, an AMF (annual maintenance fee) will be charged after 3 months - this will be used to support future gym development and improvements.

**Off peak hours vary by gym, please check join process for details.

***One refill every 20 minutes.



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