Meet Personal Trainer Kyle McGlone

Hello, my name is Kyle McGlone, and I am a former collegiate athlete who turned that passion from hockey to bodybuilding and overall fitness. I am an amateur NPC Athlete who has competed in multiple shows, with a first and second place finish, along with an Overall Trophy.

I have been in the fitness industry close to 15 years. I’ve always enjoyed learning about and watching how the body reacts to physical activity. Whether it be weights, cardio machines, or numerous other types of training styles and equipment, I LOVE watching how the body changes and becomes stronger with each workout. Training, whether it be for me, or a client is a passion, not a job. I’ve been blessed with the knowledge and experience of making myself better and better each day so it’s a privilege to get to share that with you!

Being from New England originally, I will be upfront and honest with you from the start. No sugar-coating or half effort from me as I only want to help bring out the fire inside you and help bring out the best within you. I believe everyone has the ability and willingness to succeed, some just need an extra push and a little (or a lot) motivation.

With each training program and session, I strive for you to succeed in your fitness journey. Whether it be to walk on stage, get ready for a big event, or to just learn and live a healthier lifestyle, I’m here to make sure you bust through any plateaus in your way. If you don’t succeed, then neither do I, but failure is never an option.

With your commitment, let me help create the BEST YOU!

What I specialize in:

  • Weight loss Competitive
  • Bodybuilding
  • Everyday functionality
  • Powerlifting Endurance
  • Training Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Diet and Nutrition Injury rehab

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (6037) 812192