Meet Personal Trainer

Nana Marfo

My name is Nana Marfo, I’m the owner of RDF Fitness LLC. My love for sports drove me to fitness and training. Spending hours in the gym while I was playing sports to improve my speed, agility, gaining muscle and injury prevention in order to perform at my best was so much that I fell in love with fitness.

I have been training for 15 years. I coached 2 years of college football and 13 years of high school as Basketball, football, and as a strength and conditioning coach for all sports. I have trained and help more than 200 students-athletes to obtain a scholarship to a university/college. I also trained/helped regular students and their parents to hit their fitness/health goals of losing weight.

I’m great at creating a workout and motivating anyone to reach their fitness goal whether it’s weight loss, getting faster, stronger, more explosiveness, etc.

I love training and helping people hit their fitness goal as well as helping student athletes get scholarships to obtain a free college education.

I currently train NFL and College athletes in their offseason. My specialties are speed/Agility, weight loss, sports performance training and Rehabilitation, and Cupping Therapy.

Specialist Areas

  • Speed/Agility
  • Weight Loss
  • Sports Performance


  • ISSA Strength and Conditioning
  • ISSA Fitness Coach
  • Nike Certified Football Coach
  • Certified Master VertiMax Trainer

Phone: 202-352-1044

IG: @coachnana_rdf

Email: [email protected]