Jose Calil

Hey Everyone!

My name is Jose, glad to have you here! I’m a Marine Corps veteran, I’ve served as a personal trainer/nutrition coach/group fitness instructor for Life Time Fitness, served as a District Executive for the Boy Scouts of America and now I’m here at Pure Fitness. I’m passionate about fitness and enjoying giving members that “Ah hah!” moment where things start to click and you begin to enjoy coming to the gym. My goal is to have everyone genuinely become passionate about fitness and make it not feel like a chore.

As a professional, my goal is to provide a welcoming environment for members regardless of fitness experience and to provide a safe training location with a full staff of knowledgeable trainers.

Outside the gym, I enjoy playing video games, watching anime, playing D&D and other board games, and geocaching. I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so if you ever see me around, feel free to say hi!

"It's not about being better than someone else. It's about being better than you were yesterday."

Specialist Areas

  • Behavioral Changes
  • Nutrition
  • Accountability


  • ISSA Senior Fitness
  • ISSA Fitness Nutrition
  • FMS Lvl 1

IG: @nene.calil

Email: [email protected]