Meet Personal Trainer

Amanda Saleh

Hey! My name is Amanda, and fitness is a huge part of my life! Growing up, I was always on the bigger side and was trying different diets and weight loss supplements since I was 13 years old. I was always into going to the gym when I was younger, but was never consistent with it. I started taking my fitness journey seriously back in 2020 when I was tired of being overweight and was wanting to undergo surgery.

At first, I was a cardio bunny, but once I got into lifting and started doing it 6 times a week, there was no going back. I now focus on strength & hypertrophy training while still making sure I prioritize cardio & proper nutrition.

One reason I decided that I wanted to become a trainer is because of how I felt and how much I’ve learned after reaching my fitness goals. I want to help people who are struggling and don’t know where to start feel good. I want them to learn how much they’re able to push themselves past their limits so they may reach their goals.

Aside from working out, I’m a singer/songwriter so if I’m not at the gym, I’m probably somewhere drinking an iced coffee & making music.

Specialist Areas

  • Strength
  • Hypertrophy
  • Mobility


  • ISSA CPT (In Progress)

IG: @Mandeefitt

Email: [email protected]

Tiktok: @Mandeefit