Your Questions Answered: Going To The Gym For The First Time

Never been to the gym before? We've answered some of the worrying questions you might have about the gym. For more specific information on our services and facilities, check out our About Our Gyms page


What should I eat before a workout?

Make sure you fuel your body so that you have enough energy to work out. Avoid eating anything too heavy that will make you feel sluggish, and make sure you leave enough time for your body to digest it.

Snacks like a banana, apple and peanut butter, cottage cheese, fruit smoothies or protein-rich sandwich will give you the energy boost you need before a workout.


Gym Bag Essentials

  1. Phone

Tune into your workout playlist, book into a class via our Pure Fitness App, follow a workout, or set a timer to complete a workout - have your phone so you're prepped and ready for your workout!

  1. Padlock

We have lockers available in our gyms to store your belongings, just make sure to bring a padlock. If you don't have one or forget to bring one, you can always get one from the vending machine in the gym.

  1. Towel

Bring a towel to keep you dry and an extra one if you want to take a shower after your workout.

  1. Watch

Use your watch to track your workout times. If you've got a smartwatch why not log your workouts so you can monitor your activity levels and progress?

  1. Bottle of water

Hydration is important if you want to perform well in the gym. Don't forget to bring a water bottle with you when you visit. We have water stations in the gym if you need to top up during your workout.

Extra Items You May Want To Bring

  1. Resistance bands

Great for working on your mobility or using in your warm up. For example, you could use a looped resistance band for glute activation exercises in your warm up on leg day.

  1. Toiletries

If you want to freshen up after your workout, don't forget to bring your toiletries, including shampoo and shower gel.

  1. Post workout snack

If you're on the go and don't like to go hungry after a workout, don't forget to pack a healthy snack in your bag so you don't undo all the work you've worked hard for in the gym.

  1. Spare change of clothes

What Should I Wear?

Wear comfortable and breathable clothing and trainers which provide enough support. Wear clothes made from cotton, bamboo fiber, poly-dri or fabrics designed to soak up sweat and keep you cool while working out.

How To Get Rid of First Time Gym Nerves?

Don't worry, it's common to feel nervous about starting the gym. There are things you can do to help reduce nerves like:

  • Visit at quiet times
  • Take group classes
  • Train with a friend
  • Create a gym playlist
  • Research before you go
  • Challenge your mindset

What do you do with your stuff when you’re working out in the gym?

Lockers are available at all of our gyms, but you will need to bring a padlock. We have lockers of different sizes but please don’t leave your things in them overnight.

If you only have a few things, like your phone or water bottle, you can carry these around with you from machine to machine as long as you don't keep them in a bag that you tote around (tripping hazard!). Always keep your belongings tidy and make sure no-one will trip or step on them while you're working out.

Padlocks, towels, water bottles and protein bars are available in the in-gym vending machines.


What are the most important gym etiquettes to be aware of?

Please return equipment after use, especially dumbbells. Bring a towel to wipe down machines after you use them. And if the gym is busy, try to avoid using a machine for longer than necessary.

Is there music at the gym, or can I listen to my own?

We have music playing in the gym but feel free to play your own music with your headphones.

Research suggests that training to music can help improve performance and well being, so if you prefer to listen to music, create a motivating workout playlist.

What should my first workout be?

What your first workout looks like will depend on your needs, goals and fitness ability.

A good way to get started is to join one of our fitness classes, as you'll be guided through a workout by an instructor in a supportive group environment.

You can also book into a free induction with a personal trainer using the Pure Fitness app. In the induction, a personal trainer will show you around and tell how you how to use the gym equipment.


Are there showers I can use?

You can use the showers in the changing rooms, but you will need your a towel and toiletries like shower gel.

Hairdryers, mirrors and plug sockets are also available in the changing rooms.

What should I eat after my gym workout?

As a rough guideline for most people, a post-workout meal should include a portion of protein and a portion of carbs, e.g. chicken and rice, bean stew, spaghetti, or tuna pasta.

How often should I be going to the gym?

There are no hard and fast rules for how long you should spend in the gym. Create a routine that you works for you, one that you can stick to.

Can I use my Pure Fitness membership at any location?

Plus members can use more than one gym so you can upgrade to take advantage of this.

What are the off-peak times to visit Pure Fitness?

We offer off-peak memberships at our gyms. Off-peak members can use the gym during limited hours. Our research report shows that Sundays are the quietest days in general, and Tuesdays the busiest. You can check how busy your gym is anytime using the free Pure Fitness app.


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