Stay focused on your January goals with these five quick tips

We know it can be hard sticking to your New Year goals, so we’ve come up with 5 key tips for staying consistent in January and beyond!

1. Don't go too hard too soon

Many people kick off January with a gym or exercise routine that's too intense. Three sessions a week is a good place to start off. Once you're consistently keeping that up give 4 a go! Slow and steady wins the race, consistency is key!

2. Try to weight train as well as keeping fit through cardio!

Having that little bit more muscle/strength can help speed up your metabolism, help with sporting performance and can reduce any risk of injury! A mixture of weights and cardio is always best if you have access to weights. If not, try add in some bodyweight exercises such as press ups, pull ups or squats. For workout ideas, check out our free workout videos.

3. Get fit with a friend!

Exercising with a friend will help you stay on track! There are many benefits of working out with a friend such as added accountability and motivation to help you keep going! There are many workouts you can complete with a partner and help each other through. A little competition never hurt anyone either!

4. Make sure to stay hydrated

Taking on enough water day to day and especially while exercising is vital! This will help keep your blood pressure level, increase your productivity and replenish any water lost through sweating.

5. Get started!

Don't put off getting going. There's lots of information out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming. The best thing to do is find something you enjoy or have enjoyed in the past and get moving. Slowly but surely you'll build a routine that fits around your life which is what it's all about!

We wish you a happy and healthy 2023!

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