Our 2023 fitness trends predictions

Fitness classes tend 2023

Fitness trends come and go as quickly as the seasons, with new ways to work out popping up all the time. With the global pandemic causing gyms to lockdown in 2020 and 2021, the fitness industry has had a massive shakeup, however, it appears to be on the rise more than ever!

There's a lot to love about 2022's fitness landscape, mostly the focus on movement as a tool for mental and emotional well-being, not just physical health. As the world evolves into the post-pandemic “normal”, we believe the fitness industry will do the same.

While walking and home workouts aren’t going to fade away completely, we’re predicting that people will be looking for new ways to challenge themselves in 2023. Workouts are getting harder, better, faster, and stronger — but in a way that's totally different from the past...

Harder doesn't mean going zero to 60, it just means increasing the challenge. That might mean trying out a Pilates reformer, walking on an incline, or introducing HIIT into your workout.

Better workouts in 2023 really mean better for you, meaning creating routines fit in with you and your lifestyle, not based on someone else, and, more importantly, makes you happy.

Faster doesn't refer to burpees and speed work. Rather, in 2023, we'll be more thoughtful about how we're investing our time. Maybe we join a 30-minute gym class and train harder, but for a shorter amount of time.

Stronger still means muscle strength, workouts that target this benefit will be increasingly important to our members. Looking at Google trends, Strength training saw a significant uptick of searches this year, and we believe its popularity is here to stay. Try one of our pump classes, it's the perfect way to tone up, build muscle or burn fat.

Of course, trends don't always match up with where we're at as individuals. That's why the biggest lesson we learned from 2022 should be carried over into 2023 and beyond: that fitness can be whatever you want and need it to be.

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