Feeling lonely? How the gym can help

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we want to show you how being a member of a gym not only helps you physically but mentally too.

Loneliness can feel different to everybody, and it doesn’t always have to mean you’re physically alone. Loneliness can also refer to feelings of social loneliness and isolation, such as not having a sense of belonging or feeling part of a community.

We know how important the gym can be not only for people’s physical health but also for their mental health too. A large part of this can be the social and community aspect of the gym – bringing like-minded people together.

We’re so proud of our incredible Pure Fitness community and love to hear our members’ stories of how the gym has helped them make friends and feel more connected.

“Pure fitness creates a family environment, where everyone cares for one another, both inside and outside of the gym wall. You are not just a gym member, you are a member of the Pure Fitness family!”

Gabe, Springfield Member

"I love the community feel at Pure Fitness, I've made a good group of friends at the gym which I also see outside of the gym."

Louise, Elkridge Member

"I love pure fitness, it’s my slice of home. Being from the UK and having lived in the US for quite some time now, it can be lonely at the best of times unfortunately and this gym therefore became my safe haven & exercise heaven. Everything someone needs to clear their head and work on their GAINZ! Fantastic top of the line equipment with a modernistic approach to the overall design."

Danielle, Tysons Corner Member

How to make friends in the gym

For some people, going to the gym is a great solo activity – a time and place to really get some ‘me time’. For others, socializing adds an extra element to the workout. And actually, working out with a friend has been proven to have loads of benefits, including providing extra motivation, fewer skipped workouts, and reduced gym nerves.


One of the best and easiest ways to start building a relationship is by smiling. Matty says: “If you go to the gym at the same time each day, it’s likely you see the same faces throughout the week. Simply smiling as you pass is a great way to let other gym goers know you’re friendly, which can open the opportunity for a conversation. “


If someone is working out, it’s natural to not want to disturb them. However, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to engage in conversations without inconveniencing fellow gym goers. Just make sure not to overstep any boundaries, especially if it’s the first time you are speaking to someone.

Unsure how to open the conversation? Asking for advice, offering to spot a lift, or getting their thoughts on a class or exercise are all potential options.


Fitness classes, and even small group personal training sessions, are a great way to meet likeminded people and remove barriers to having a conversation.

Don’t be afraid to join the classes – it’s a great way to bond with people by encouraging each other through the physical challenge, and this can soon turn into chatting about families, holidays, and becoming good friends.

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