Black History Month: Black Education

For Black History Month, our Ethnic Network Group curated a collection of books, documentaries and films that resonated personally with them and provided their reasons for sharing. There are so many great resources available, but this selection is a great starting point for valuable insights into black history, stories and culture.


Back Champions in Cycling - Marion Lee Moncrieffe

Black and British a Forgotten History - David Olusoga

Why I am no longer talking to White People about Race - Renni Eddo-Lodge

Akala – Natives - David Olusoga

The Warm Up - Derrick Evans Mbe

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou

Becoming - Michelle Obama

The Warm Up - Derrick Evans


Black Panther

The Last Dance

Colin in Black & White

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


Small Axe Collection - Steve McQueen

The Central Park Five

Hidden Figures


Birth of A Nation

Malcolm X

These books, documentaries, and films serve as windows into diverse experiences, encouraging reflection and dialogue. By engaging with these narratives, we hope you've gained a deeper appreciation for the richness and complexity of Black history. Let this curated collection be a starting point for continued exploration, conversation, and the amplification of underrepresented voices. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of diversity and build a more inclusive future. For more Black history, don't forget to check out our blog on Unsung Black Sporting Heroes in the link below.

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