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John Dyson

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NASM Certified Personal TrainerCPR/AED

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Hello! My name is John and I am a personal trainer at Pure Fitness. My goal is to help you find success in whatever goal or fitness areas you are looking to improve in. To accomplish this, let me first tell you a little about myself:

Like many people I grew up playing sports and continued to do so through high school. However, once I got to college, I like many others, allowed my fitness journey to fall to the backburner on my priorities. Everything changed for me the minute I graduated. I found myself overweight and not happy with my level of fitness. Since that moment I promised myself that I would get back to living a healthy lifestyle and set a goal to lose the weight I had gained. Since then I haven’t looked back and not only accomplished my goal to lose the weight I had gained but have become the healthiest and fittest I have ever been.

This is what sparked my desire to become a personal trainer. I wanted to help others get that sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving a fitness goal. I saw what positive effects living an active and fit lifestyle had on my life and personal health. I want to show you what you are truly capable of and how by setting personalized goals you can not only reach these goals but exceed them.

Fitness has forever changed my life for the better and I can’t wait to help you exceed all your fitness goals and aspirations!

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