Meet Personal Trainer

Andrew Jung

I'm Andrew Jung, the Barbell Bear. I am a certified Personal Trainer, certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, and have my Masters degree in Biomedical Science. I originally got into health and fitness as a way to help me learn anatomy and physiology for medical school, but quickly realized that it was more my life's passion than a mere study tool. I have been coaching clients since 2016 and specialize in strength sports, nutrition counselling, and conditioning. My training and coaching methods are heavily science-based so I am not a fan of fad diets or programs. Therefore, I like to give my clients realistically attainable and sustainable results. If you are at all interested in bodybuilding, powerlifting, or Olympic weightlifting please do not hesitate to say hello if you see me in Pure Fitness or reach out to me at my e-mail address.

Specialist Areas

  • Mobility
  • Fat Loss
  • Strength


  • ISSA Strength and Conditioning
  • ISSA Personal Training