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Get moving with digital classes

Our digital studios make working out even more convenient. Each of our digital studios are equipped with projectors and high-end sound systems to make every sweat session enjoyable. All digital studios include HIIT, Cycle, Barre, Zumba and 1,600+ more cardio and strength classes to choose from.


Enjoy a wide range of scheduled and on-demand digital classes every week. Find and book through the ‘Classes’ tab on the members area of our website or mobile app ahead of time. Digital classes start automatically at the scheduled time, so all you have to do is show up to sweat. Already at the gym and want to join the fun? Book your spot on the screen right outside the studio.

On-Demand How-to

  1. Tap the screen outside the studio and select your workout category
  2. Choose your experience level, class duration and provider
  3. Press start, enter the studio, and your digital class will commence